The Maria Sapieha Ex Animo Foundation has been established out of the desire to help children affected by cancer. The Princess Maria Sapieha was the originator of the Foundation. The donors - founders in May 1994 were:  Maria Sapieha, Anna Branicka - Wolska, Maria Kozera, Graźyna Kropczyńska, Danuta Perek, Miroslawa Zaskórska, Krzysztof Poklewski - Koziełł, Jerzy Kropczyński, Zdzislaw Rondio, Bogdan Sarwiński and Zbigniew Studziński, and the honorary members were Serena Balfour Albert Światopełk Czetwertyński and Krzysztof Kieślowski.

The ornament in the shape of a heart has become a symbol of the Ex Animo Foundation. It is a replica of the oldest ornament found on the Polish land dating back to the thirteenth century. A statuette with a heart - a symbol of the gift of the heart, which can change lives of sick children, ha s been rewarded to our especially generous donors.

Important events in the life of the Foundation

25th anniversary of the Oncology Clinic of the Children's Memorial

Health InstituteOn 16 October 2002, Maria Sapieha, the President of the Foundation, was awarded a diploma of gratitude for the outstanding work of the Ex Animo Foundation carried out in support of the Oncology Clinic. This distinction emphasized selfless dedication and love towards the children, who needed help. 

Order of the Smile

 On 9 June 2003, the Princess Maria Sapieha was awarded the Order of the Smile. This international distinction is given by children to adults distinguished in their love, care and aid for children.  

Members of the first authorities of the Ex Animo Foundation

The Foundation Council

  1. Maria Krystyna Sapieha
  2. Danuta Perek
  3. Anna Branicka - Wolska
  4. Grażyna Anna Bójnowska - Kropczyńska
  5. Jerzy Krzysztof Kropczyński
  6. Krzysztof Poklewski - Koziełł
  7. Maria Kozera
  8. Zdzisław Karol Rondio
  9. Bogdan Sarwiński
  10. Zbigniew Studziński
  11. Mirosława  Maria Zaskórska

The Foundation Board

  1. Joanna Maria Sabiłło
  2. Anna Kosobudzka
  3. Bożenna Dembowska - Bagińska
  4. Maria Cygan


Ex Animo Foundation named Maria Sapieha

Dzieci Polskich Alley 20 F, place 712, 04-730 Warsaw

NIP: 526 165 82 50, KRS: 0000169133

Ex Animo Foundation Office

Belwederska street 26/30, 00-585 Warsaw