The Foundation Council

Irena Olechowska - President of the Foundation Council

She has been involved with the Ex Animo Foundation since 2001, when she was invited by Maria Sapieha, a founder of the Foundation to join this charity. Thanks to her pharmaceutical background, she had been well acquainted with the problems of health service, therefore she willingly took up this challenge.

She says: - Thanks to the joint effort and commitment of a few people, we managed to create the conditions for the treatment of sick children at a level similar to the world's level of treatment. It is our main goal to continuously improve the comfort of young patients and provide them with access to the latest methods of treatment thanks to trainings and purchase of the indispensible, modern equipment, which would otherwise be unattainable with the public funds.

Prof. Danuta Perek -   Vice President of the Foundation Council

  • Małgorzata Brykczyńska
  • Tessa Capponi – Borawska
  • Bożenna Dembowska – Bagińska
  • Joanna Kosińska – Wiercińska -
    a lawyer  providing full legal service for the Ex Animo Foundation
  • Maria Kozera
  • Katarzyna Markowska
  • Paula Olechowska
  • Bogdan Sarwiński

The Foundation Board

Bożena Daniłowicz - Chairman of the Foundation Board

She has been involved with the Ex Animo Foundation since 2003, when she was invited by Maria Sapieha to join this charity.

She says about herself: - I would like to help all in need. And especially sick children, upon whom the fate has bestowed pain and suffering instead of a joyful childhood. These children need us, our help and the funds we raise, so that their fight for life would end up in success. Therefore I have joined the Foundation.

  • Joanna M. Niemojewska – Treasurer of the Board
  • Krystyna Bnińska – Jędrzejowicz
  • Justyna Grupińska
  • Ewa Kochanowska
  • Maria Narojczyk
  • Izabella Zaleska – Galanter


The authorities of the Ex Animo Foundation; both the Council and the Board, have been working PRO BONO for the Foundation.

Ex Animo Foundation named Maria Sapieha

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Ex Animo Foundation Office

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